In addition to producing drip tapes and braided pipes, Alborz Polymer Jey Co. also produces folding pipes with holes. In low pressure irrigation systems, these pipes are a suitable and inexpensive alternative to sprinkler and drip irrigation systems. These pipes are mainly consumed in agricultural fields, gardens, greenhouses, etc. for planting cereals, vegetables, summer crops, fodder, etc., and it can be moved and stored after the end of the planting season. The thickness of the produced pipes can be changed from 2.0 mm to 5.0 mm. The working pressure of these pipes is 0.1 to 6.0 atmospheres, which greatly reduces the side costs in designing the irrigation system. Variety in the design of nozzles, uniformity and type of water spray are other advantages of these pipes. The design of the nozzles can be changed according to the type of cultivation and the customer’s request. The effective width of water spray is from 5.2 to 8 meters. The use of the above pipes is associated with a 50 to 80 percent reduction in labor, a 40 to 80 percent reduction in water consumption, a 50 percent reduction in fertilizer use, and a 10 to 30 percent increase in the crop yield.


• Uniformity in water spraying
• Quick installation and reassembly
• Light weight
• Resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet rays
• Variety in work pressure, color, length and thickness based on customer needs
• Variety in the design of water nozzles according to the type of cultivation
• Significant reduction in cost compared to other irrigation methods
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