About us

Alborz Polymer Jey Co. was established in 2011 in the city of Isfahan, with the area of 8000 square meters and with 35 workers, and is working in 3 work shifts in Jay Industrial Estate in Isfahan. By changing its activities, this company has started to produce various polymer products since 2017, and with the help of experienced engineers and specialized personnel, it has started to produce flexible 3-layer sanitary braided tubes (Lay flat) for the first time in Iran, and besides this novel activity, it also produces side sewn drip irrigation lines and continuous drip irrigation lines. In 2018, this company started a new activity for the first time in Iran and introduced a new product called 3-layer glossy stone paper to the market. The company’s production activities began in 2011 with the acquisition of an operation license in the field of the production of various types of irrigation pipes from the General Office of Industries of Isfahan Province in Jey Industrial Estate. The company’s polyethylene products can be used mainly in urban, rural, pressurized (drip, rain), industrial and home irrigation networks. Three-layer braided pipes are another product of this company. This pipe has fiber thread in the layers of the pipe, which makes the pipe strong and long-lasting in these pipes. Agricultural braided pipes are cheaper and more efficient than Lay flat pipes. The method of branching from agricultural braided tubes is by punching, which has different dimensions depending on the type and size of the output. Side sewn tapes and continuous drip tapes are other products of this company. The side sewn irrigation lines types are of polyethylene material, and in contrast to the hard polyethylene pipes, it is rather flat and very soft. In fact, this type of drip tape has a soft and flexible material, which is filled when water goes in it, and the water droplets are removed through the drippers embedded on the irrigation tape, and after the irrigation, the pipe form is changed to its flat state. The wall thickness of the tape is very thin. This product is produced in different sizes in this company. The water uniformity coefficient is above 95% in the continuous drip irrigation line, and the water output of the system is about 3% of the changes in length, while the uniformity of water distribution in the seamed drip tape is about 70 to 75% and the coefficient of change is along at least 4%. The sprinkler folding pipes are also produced in this company. These pipes are suitable and economical alternatives to the sprinkler and drip irrigation systems in low pressure irrigation systems. The use of the above pipes is associated with a 50 to 80 percent reduction in labor, a 40 to 80 percent reduction in water consumption, a 50 percent reduction in fertilizer consumption, and a 10 to 30 percent increase in crop yield. The new products of this company are the woven-form braided pipes, which will be unveiled in the very near future.